Salitre Matured Cheese - Raw Cow's Milk - 800gr

Salitre Matured Cheese - Raw Cow's Milk - 800gr
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Total Weight is around 800gr. - the weight may vary because it's an artisanal matured cheese, meaning, as Minas Gerais Brazilian State tradition demands, the cheese is aged for at least 20 days after the serum is taken out. In the process, humidity is lost and flavor is conquered.

Our Salitre cheese is a perfectly balanced cheese, presenting low resistance in its consistency, and awarded "Cultural Patrimony" by IPHAN (Brazilian Federal Cultural Patrimony Institute).

Healthy food tastes better ] Our supplier is a part of the Slow Food movement, meaning the entire process of production is humane and respectful to the cows involved. You will find out for yourself that happy cows provide a whole new level of cheese quality. The Minas Gerais region is also known for its deep tradition in the making of artisanal cheese, using fresh raw cow's milk. This tradition dates back from the discovery of Brazil, in the 1.500's, when the Portuguese brought the knowledge to Brasil.  

Important note: There is nothing wrong with raw milk, on the contrary. Healthy raw milk, as our grandparents used to have, is an abundant source of nutrients. Pasteurization came from Pasteur's discovery that if you hit the milk up to 72 degrees Celsius, you are able to preserve some of its nutritional benefits while making it last longer - because the heating process gets read of many of its diverse (and nutrient rich) bacterial flora. It's important to note you lose many nutrients this way, but at least you don't lose them all. The food industry took that knowledge and heats the milk so much, they can put an expiration date of 2 years or more on the final - tasteless and nutrientless - product.

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