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    LUMI means "snow" in Finnish. Brazil, on the other hand, is a very hot humid country. LUMI Brasil represented our mission up to this point: we have built a successful haute cuisine bridge for the food lovers in our country, importing top quality ingredients from Italy and sharing hard to find Brazilian delicacies. 
We are currently present in 18 Brazilian States, proud to offer our fine ingredients to the best restaurants, hotels, specialized stores, and Brazilian buffets. If you wish to know more about our company in Brazil, please access our website (in Portuguese) www.lumibrasil.com/loja


LUMI Brasil is now evolving due to our deep belief in organic and Non-GMO food as the answer to many health issues humanity faces today. Food is what we are made of, and taking that for granted is a huge mistake. If we consistently eat unhealthy food, we will surely drive ourselves into sickness.
A huge turn of events made this belief become a personal quest to provide only healthy food to our family: our son was born in July 2014. Being a part of who we are, naturally our company is changing with our increase concern regarding the food quality our baby is exposed to. That goal took a lot of time and research, up to the point we realized it shouldn’t be this difficult to simply eat healthy food. We just want sustainable organic ingredients to be the abundant offer, instead of the high priced items displayed on the shelves. 
We realized it was time to take action ourselves towards a simple solution: the more people consuming only natural and organic food, the faster we will help these producers to sustainably grow their businesses. After that insight, it was only natural to share the food we purchase for our own family through LUMI Brasil.
Some principles remain from our early haute cuisine days, however: we only work with international excellence standard, though our suppliers are local families, dedicated to cultivate and harvest sustainably. And we selected our suppliers through the years primarily based on the product tasting quality – which, in our experience, has always shown a deep relation to the production process. Healthy food tastes better when it comes to haute cuisine too.



Part of our goal is to be well fed by well paid people, unfortunately not a general rule when it comes to agriculture. And that just doesn't make sense: if we pay doctors so well to help us when we are sick, shouldn't we also value those who provide us food good enough to prevent illness? At LUMI Brasil we see our suppliers as valued partners, and we are in this business to also help them grow their businesses sustainably. Which is a concept that only makes sense to us if you meet all of these goals: economically viable, socially just and environmentally correct.
In Brazil we don't have a Fair Trade certification. So the certification we seek to make sure our suppliers are being well paid are those from family agriculture associations. After a lot of research we found out that this is the best way to make sure that our suppliers aren't being exploited. That's why you will find lot's of products certified as "Agricultura Familiar" and "Ecovida".

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
I'm Barbara Ribeiro, partner CEO at LUMI Brasil, and the one to blame for the food texts you find here. I would also like to invite you to visit our blog Food Culture


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